Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter in Seoul ~ 두

Day 2, going to hubby favourite place - Global KRX, a non tourist spot.

After we have lunch around that area. Forget which food court we go.
The food is ok.

And we bought a so not delicious and so expensive fruit juice.

Then we go to KBS Tv station. Nothing much to see actually.

The street view outside KBS.

And the last station is YG entertainment.

We walk too much that day. Due to my condition, we back to room early in the evening.

It's 1212 that day, so hubby decide to cook in room ourselves. We bought those food at Lotte Mart.

Chef of the day!

Our first anniversary dinner.

Winter in Seoul ~하나

Fly to South Korea on 10th till 18th December with hubby.

Fly to Kuala Lumpur for transit to Seoul. We reach KL around 9pm and depart to Seoul on 1am in the midnight.
Our supper at KLIA2

And another midnight supper in flight since they served our food around 3am.

I'm so cold and not so comfortable on plane maybe just worried too much since my situation is special this time. So i only have 3 hours sleep in that long flight.

After 6+ hours flight, i finally see sunlight!

And touch down at incheon airport around 8.20am.

Our first meal in incheon airport.  Too hungry and too lazy to find other food to eat.

After that, we take AREX to Seoul station. The trip is around 45 minutes.

We reach our room around 11am however, we are unable to check in first. So we headed to Myeongdong.
Myeongdong day time

And head back to check in around 2pm. We are too tired, so we bought food at GS25 ( convenient store ) and have our lunch in room.
The street behind our place of stay.

The food is delicious! So we try every different bento almost everyday on the next 6 days.

Our room

Night view vs Day view from our room

Take a nap until evening then we walk around Seoul station.

Dinner at Seoul Station's food court.

Then head back to room again. We rest early that night since i'm too tired. That's the end of day 1 in Seoul.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016